Microsoft Build 2019 tidbits


Microsoft Build 2019 tidbits

GitHub, with 36M+ developers, is the largest developer community on the planet. 

IoT scene is still very messy. It is primarily for hobbyists

There is still no compelling reason to use App Center.

Ink is neat.  Not sure what benefit it offers to most apps.  

AI is supposed to make doing things more efficiently and less costly.  The effort in setting up machine learning may exceed the cost saving. 

Command Line is getting fancy.

Microsoft works hard to make ML accessible and easy to use for developer.  The challenge is to find a good reason to use ML (i.e. a case with benefit exceeding cost).

The concept of microservice is great.

 TypeScript is better than JavaScript, but there usage for TypeScript or JavaScript will diminish with the advancement of WASM that can be made with different languages such as C#. 

 Visual Basic is still live and kicking.